These are just only a few reason you should look for us….

  • 630 rooms for accommodation, meeting rooms and restaurants cater up to 1500 guests and attendants, and 600 car parkings building

MODERN_ROOM_300_X_167_PXGrand Park Ballroom3

  • Easily accessible from Suvarnabhumi airport and to Bangkok city
  • Why get into the city and your team have to mess up with the traffic
  • Reasonable and affordable rate for all of your expenses and budgets including accommodations, food, meeting, and other facilities
  • Close to many shopping locations and attractions

central bangnamega_bangna

  • Additional services available at affordable rate including arrange transportations, tours, shopping, and requested souvenirs.
  • Affordable transportations are at ease including buses,taxi and van
  • Close (just 1 km.) to Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC)
  • 90 minutes (approximately 150 km) to Pattaya (the beach city)







Feel free to request for more details and informations

(ENGLISH & MANDARIN) or look for our list of international representatives

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