Bangna, the name of the road and district where our hotel is located.There are sure many things you can do around our hotel. “Bangna” and “BITEC” would be some of the keys words to look into for anything to to around here.

1. BITEC (Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre)About Bangkok and the Venue | Micronutrient Forum 5th Global ...

BITEC stands for Bangkok Trade and Exhibition Center where many trade events and concerts are organized.  Check out their upcoming event at Many events are held here all year long. The center can be reached by BTS Skytrain (get off at Bangna station and take a short walk).

2. Central Bangna & BIG C HypermartNano Plus : Aluminum Composite » CENTRAL BANGNA

Big C shopping mall next to Central City Shopping mall as … | Flickr

Central Bangna is a big shopping mall in this area. Same as other branches of Central, You can find luxury and international products here. This branch cannot be reached by BTS Skytrain. However, it is a great shopping place for people in this area.

3. Mega Bangnaธนาคารที่อยู่ในเมกาซิตี้ บางนา (Megabangna) - Tins

Mega Bangna is a big shopping mall that is not located in Bangna district. It is located in Samutprakarn province which is not far from Bangna area. This mall is also not connected with BTS Skytrain, but there is a free shuttle bus running between Udomsuk BTS Station and the mall. There are restaurants, coffee café, brand stores, digital cinemas, bowling lane, and ice skate rink in the mall.


And many other interesting places are yet to come

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